Agricultural labor reform Pt 2

Agricultural labor reform Pt 2

With today’s Fruit Grower report, I’m Bob Larson. Agricultural labor reform is one of the many things contained in massive legislation awaiting Senate action, but as part of the broader immigration solutions proposed, this is by no means a guarantee that things will improve.

US Representative Dan Newhouse said the confusing language made it difficult …

NEWHOUSE… “It is really a challenge for us to move forward with meaningful immigration reform and that concerns me. I hope that our efforts to improve the agricultural workforce will not become a victim of this great battle for reconciliation of infrastructure. So these are the conversations that I’m engaging people with right now.

Newhouse says the inclusion of agricultural labor in border issues is puzzling …

NEWHOUSE… “There is no doubt that the events happening at the border have an impact on how people perceive the kinds of things we should be doing as part of immigration reform and really hijack it. attention to the task ahead.

Newhouse says it’s not like the two have nothing to do with each other…

NEWHOUSE… “I actually think if we could pass the Farm Labor Reform Bill, the bill that we passed in the House, if we could get it passed in the Senate, it would actually help to improve border security. It really is, for a number of reasons.

Newhouse says with so much to do with the border crisis, it’s hard for many to focus on what’s needed for farm work.

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