Appendix C-1 North Star Metric Reporting Guidelines

UK Space Agency North Star Metric Reporting Guide

UK Space Agency grant recipients are required to report on how the grant has generated investment and contract revenue

The UK Space Agency ensures that our investment in space brings real benefits to the UK and its people.

Our main metric by which the UK Space Agency measures its success is the level of total investment and contract revenue we help bring to the UK space sector.

Consistent monitoring and evaluation of our programs is essential so that we understand how well we are achieving the UK Space Agency’s goals. This helps us ensure that we are implementing the National Space Strategy and tells us how we prioritize our resources, select the projects we invest in, and advocate for future public spending in space.

We therefore require, as a condition of funding, that all recipients declare the benefits they receive as a result. Please refer to the grant funding agreement.

Data to collect

Reporting will primarily involve four key elements:

• Total income

• Total internal investment

• Total private investment

• Additional details on funding sources, if applicable

• Any additional benefits you wish to point out

More detailed definitions can be found in the table below

Term Definition
Private investment Money invested by companies, individuals or financial organizations through the following vehicles: equity, grants, awards, borrowing or alternative sources of funding – excluding funding provided by the UK Space Agency directly or through the European Space Agency. The source of investment can be either foreign or domestic.
Internal investment Investment within a company, or from a parent company to its subsidiary, to cover R&D, capital expenditure and other non-capital expenditure such as the development of intellectual property.
Total income Additional income generated by the creation of goods and services, thanks to the specified grant. In the longer term, this may also include revenue generated from royalties and licenses.

Data gathering

This information will be collected via a simple table below. Please note that the data will not be shared with any other companies and will be held securely in an anonymous form so that you cannot be directly identified.

Grant number Delivery Priority (to be completed by UK Space Agency Program Manager) Trimester Total funding value (£) Amount of matching funding provided as a condition of UK Space Agency funding (Total value £) Additional revenue generated from goods and services through UK Space Agency support (£total value) Private investment generated through support from the UK Space Agency (total value £) Source of additional investment: Foreign/domestic Internal investment of funds made with support from the UK Space Agency (Total value £) Additional jobs created through funding received.

Data should only be reported where it can reasonably be established that the income and/or investment in question would not have occurred without UK Space Agency funding. Where the revenue and/or investment may have only been partially realized in the absence of UK Space Agency funding, every effort should be made to estimate the proportion of revenue from the contract and/or investment which can be said to have taken place as a result.

• To be declared on a quarterly basis from the start of the activity covered by this agreement.

• Data will be required for at least 5 years after completion of the activity covered by this agreement.

• Where the duration of benefit realization is greater than 5 years, the UK Space Agency may require an extended reporting period. This is to ensure that we capture the full benefits of an activity that has a long period of time before those benefits are realized. If this is the case, the UK Space Agency will agree in advance with grant recipients when a new request for information is relevant.

• Any additional benefits resulting from UK Space Agency funding can also be reported through an open text response

The information you provide will only be used by the UK Space Agency and will not be shared with any other party. Aggregated information may be presented more broadly, but it will be fully anonymized and cannot be attributed to any individual organization.

Additionally, this information is used to assess the agencies impact on the space sector and is not intended to be used as a means to assess how the grant is managed. not individual grant performance.

Please confirm the name and contact details of the person in your organization who will be responsible for providing this information.

If you have any specific questions about this requirement, please contact the UK Space Agency Program Manager or the UK Space Agency Designated Contact.

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