Apple rolls out app privacy reporting feature in 15.2 / Digital Information World Beta


Apple has always been aware of privacy and security if its users and therefore the company’s privacy features are the best among all other companies.

Over the past few years, Apple has become even more aware and alert about what is happening on its products and applications and how it can protect its users from the privacy and security issues that have arisen due to advancements in technology.

Apple at its WWDC 2021 conference announced a new feature that will help users detect which apps get what information and how often. While the feature was available until the conference, according to the latest news from Apple Headquarters, it looks like the company will be releasing it for beta in Update 15.2 soon.

The new feature, according to the company, will help users identify which apps contain which accessibility information and how often they get user information through it. For example, if a particular app gets information about the user every hour or two, the exact data will be provided to the user through this new functionality. This seems like a great feature, because after knowing how often an app consumes user data and what other parties it transfers it to, users can decide whether they want to share their information with that particular app or not. The ability to keep their own data is offered to users by Apple through its application tracking transparency feature.

However, this feature is still in its beta, meaning that it was only provided to a specific number of beta users and is currently in testing and trial.

Often times features after the beta process don’t get released when they don’t get good feedback from the public, but this one looks pretty promising and so we’re confident it will catch on soon. However, the final decision will be in the hands of the company and over time we will know what the outcome will be.

However, we don’t know how social media and other apps will react to this feature. Every time Apple released a privacy feature, there have been a lot of protests and backlash from organizations and businesses because in some cases it affects their income and the way they work. Apple has, however, been consistent in its practices each time.

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