Bristol Bay

An environmental plea from Josh Mills regarding an open pit mine near Bristol Bay in Alaska:

On the contrary, history tells us that surface mining kills watersheds. So what I would ask our dear listeners to do is go to the backcountry hunters org and then you will see a tab there that says Take action from there. You’re going to want to scroll down and click on the take action question to permanently protect Bristol Bay. It is a very simple form. You have just entered, you can read what is already in the form, or you can modify it and you can sign and submit your name to the petition. We have until July 5th for this to happen and for this to be passed to the powers that be as a review and for us to use Section 404 C of the Clean Water Act to really put a stop to the Pebble mine. And hopefully one day we can make it a national park or some kind of federal designation that won’t allow any mineral extraction in Bristol Bay. It’s a. Speaker1: Call to action for our listeners. What will it cost to get involved. Speaker2: This for anyone calling out his name? Nothing. It takes you 25, 30 seconds to do it. Elaborate a bit more on why surface mining is so bad. Generally what it is, you extract the minerals from the ore that is mined. You have to use some pretty nasty stuff to leach the gold, copper, selenium, and other minerals from the bedrock that’s being mined. Speaker 1: Don’t forget, go to the backcountry hunters org. Use the Take Action tab.

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