Brnovich Calls on US to Investigate Facebook Regarding Sharing of Contraband Information | Subscriber


Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich says Facebook admits it helps human trafficking. But the real admission of the company is not that radical.

Richard Drew, Associated Press

Howard Fischer Capitol Media Services

PHOENIX – Arizona Attorney General says Facebook admits to aiding human trafficking, and wants U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland to investigate.

The company denies allowing cartel operations to use its website to connect with people trying to illegally enter the country. But a company official concedes that Facebook “allows people to share information about how to enter a country illegally or request information on how to be smuggled.”

William Castleberry, the company’s vice president of state policy, said it was very different from what Attorney General Mark Brnovich claims.

He said in a letter to Brnovich that the policy draws a line between human trafficking and “interference with the ability of people to exercise their right to seek asylum, which is recognized by international law. “.

But Brnovich said that as far as he was concerned, the company was facilitating the illegal entry of people into the United States, which is a crime.

His letter to Garland is the latest in a series of actions by Brnovich, who is racing to be the Republican candidate for the US Senate, targeting the Biden administration and its immigration and border policies.

He has filed several lawsuits in federal court over issues such as how quickly people outside the country must be legally deported, and his claims that the president’s decision to stop construction of the border wall violates human rights law. environmental laws.


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