California Farm Bureau Annual Meeting and EPA Retro Volume Bonds

California Farm Bureau Annual Meeting and EPA Retro Volume Bonds

From the Farm Information Network, I’m Bob Larson with your agri-food update.

** The California Farm Bureau, the largest farming organization in the Golden State, held its 103rd annual meeting in Orange County last week.

The session opened with President Jamie Johansson calling for policies that support climate-smart agriculture but do not compromise the ability of farmers to market their crops.

Johansson said farmers should be allowed to undertake conservation efforts without harmful government interference. “It’s not a climate solution,” he said, “if you make farmers less efficient”.

** Critics of the EPA’s renewable volume obligation announcement say the proposal sets the precedent for revising previously finalized volumes in the renewable fuels standard.

The EPA is proposing to retroactively reopen and reduce the renewable volume requirement finalized for 2020, reducing the conventional biofuel blend volume already set for that year from 15 billion gallons to 12.5 billion gallons.

Iowa Corn Growers Association President Lance Lillibridge said, “Biden’s own EPA is reducing the benefits of clean-burning ethanol and the livelihoods of corn growers.”

** USDA announced its biofuel producer assistance program, in conjunction with the EPA’s volume announcement.

The USDA says up to $ 800 million will support biofuel producers and infrastructure, a long-awaited announcement authorized by the CARES Act.

The funding includes $ 700 million to provide economic relief to biofuel producers and restore renewable fuel markets affected by the pandemic and $ 100 million to expand infrastructure for renewable fuels.

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