Carbon Robotics independently eliminates weeds


Carbon Robotics independently eliminates weeds

Tim hammerich

It’s time for your report on the Farm of the Future. I am Tim Hammerich.

Farmers continue to face ongoing workforce challenges, so there is no doubt that automation will continue to play a larger role in farming operations. Carbon Robotics is a company that has built an autonomous vehicle that uses high powered lasers to fight weeds.

Mikesell… “He walks up and down the furrows of the field, guided entirely by computer vision. And then in real time, as it rolls, it finds and discovers where the weeds are in your fields. And then he targets those lasers on these weeds and just evaporates them. You just have to destroy them with these lasers.

This is the CEO of Carbon Robotics, Paul Mikesell. He says they have been developing the machine with the farmers over the past two years.

Mikesell… “Some of the benefits are such high precision in our targeting that we are able to get in very tightly between crops and kill weeds right next to your cross. Or if you’ve got some shadow crops, you know, we can get in between them. And with crops like onions that don’t provide too much shade, we can go all the way to harvest and continue to remove these weeds. No herbicides, no one in the fields has to do that sort of thing. No upper soil disturbance. So for people who are interested in regenerative agriculture and who keep the good water absorption qualities of their topsoil, we don’t work until not disturbing the soil, everything is done with these lasers .

The company is taking pre-orders for 2022 on the website.


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