Coinsilium Group Ltd will offer the possibility of ‘minting’ NFTs from next month


A beta version of its marketplace is expected to launch in the middle of next month.

Coinsilium Group Ltd (AQSE: COIN, OTCQB: CINGF), the blockchain and open-ended venture capital builder, is excited about the possibility of adding more compatible non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to its beta marketplace.

Currently only compatible with two accepted NFT standards, the company hopes to add a third soon, CEO Eddy Travia told Proactive.

Plans are in place for NFTs to be “interoperable with the Ethereum blockchain as soon as the RSK Ethereum token bridge is ready”,

The RSK Ethereum Token Bridge is a system that allows tokens to move from one blockchain to another, opening up more possibilities for NFTs built on different networks to be traded in the market.

The launch is scheduled for the middle of next month (December) and Travia is confident it will be a success.

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“We are very excited about this. It is important to note that we have good technological capabilities which have enabled us to achieve these kinds of results, ”he told Proactive.

The Marketplace will allow users to “make” NFTs, which is the process of turning a digital file into a collectible or digital asset, in which case members can trade them with each other.


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