Consumers Prefer Eco-Friendly Businesses, New Report / Digital Information World


Climate change is the greatest threat our collective way of life has ever faced, as it’s the kind of thing that could potentially make vast swathes of land unlivable for centuries to come. While this may seem like the kind of thing only environmentalists will end up worrying about, it’s worth noting that pretty much every business should be concerned about it as well and not just because it can impact the planet at the same time. ‘to come up. .

All that being said and now dismissed, it’s important to note that consumers often decide not to buy from a company if they feel that company is not doing enough to contain climate change. A recently released report by Exasol / TheDataDreamer found that 86% of consumers changed their minds about buying a certain business because they felt it wasn’t eco-friendly enough, and it’s the sort of thing that could have a catastrophic impact. on the bottom line with all the things that have been considered and taken into account.

Many businesses often use eco-friendly language in order to appear more climate-friendly than they actually are, but it’s a tip that many consumers start to understand quite easily. 66% of consumers want data and other types of evidence before they can start trusting a business, and businesses that don’t change their practices could end up shutting down in just ten years.

It shows how much the looming climate crisis weighs on the vast majority of people who are there, many of whom are concerned about their children’s future if action is not taken to repair the damage already done.

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