Henry County gets a good credit report; Martinsville establishes a flushing program; Patrick County Sheriff Gets Grant | Local News


Residents are warned to avoid washing their clothes if they know that standpipes are emptied nearby. Although the lifted sediment has been disinfected by chlorine in the water supply, dirt can still stain clothing if it is sucked into the washing machine in sufficient quantity.

Flushing times will be announced later for the remaining parts of town.

The PCSO obtains an Alzheimer scholarship


Photo of the newsletter folder

The Alzheimer Foundation of America has awarded a grant to the Patrick County Sheriff’s Office to expand its Project Lifesaver program, which provides safety technology to families whose members suffer from dementia-related illness and tend to wander .

The program allows caregivers to register loved ones with dementia or autism to wear a small wrist or ankle transmitter that emits an individualized tracking signal. If this person is missing, the caregiver informs the sheriff’s office, who will send assistants.

A grant of $ 6,000 will be used to purchase new and improved transmitter kits, bands and batteries, as well as to train more officers on the program, a statement from the Alzheimer’s Foundation said. The sheriff’s office estimates that 20 additional families can be accommodated at no cost.

“The Project Lifesaver program saves lives, and this grant will allow us to continue to protect those who are unable to protect themselves,” County Sheriff Patrick Dan Smith said in the statement.


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