I’m not sure this credit card bill is mine. What to do?


Q. I received a credit card bill for a card that I did not recognize. At first I thought maybe it was an old card that had changed its name, but I don’t think it was ever mine. What should I do?

– Confused

A. You will have to do some research.

There could be fraud here so you want to make sure you’re protected.

Search online for the credit card‘s customer service number to see if it matches the information on the invoice, Jerry Lynch, a certified financial planner with JFL Total Wealth Management in Boonton.

“It can be a fake invoice that can look real with logos and customer service numbers,” he said. “If the numbers match, call the number, but if they don’t, call the number you find on Google and ask about the account and balance. Does their answer on where it came from make sense? “

If you have determined that you did not make the debit, or if the account was set up without your knowledge, report it to the credit card company and the credit bureaus, he said.

Then run your credit report, Lynch said.

“It can be an indication that someone has stolen your credit information and created a new account,” he said. “You may want to put a credit freeze on your accounts to restrict the ability of people to create new accounts on your behalf.

“I am amazed at the number of people who pay bills without knowing what they are used for,” he noted.

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