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Istanbul, 30 October 2022 – The United Nations Secretariat convened all delegations earlier today at the Joint Coordination Center in plenary session. During the session, the delegation of the Russian Federation informed that, although it is suspending its participation in the implementation of the activities of the Initiative, including inspections, for an indefinite period, it will continue the dialogue with the United Nations and the Turkish delegation on urgent issues. The delegation of the Russian Federation also expressed its readiness to cooperate remotely on issues requiring an immediate decision by the CTG.

The Secretariat, in close cooperation with the Turkish delegation to the JCC, continues to engage all representatives to provide options on the next steps regarding the operations of the JCC in accordance with the objectives and provisions set out in the Initiative.

In order to continue to realize the Initiative, it was proposed that the Turkish and United Nations delegations provide tomorrow 10 inspection teams aimed at inspecting 40 outgoing vessels. This inspection plan was accepted by the Ukrainian delegation. The delegation of the Russian Federation has been informed.

Currently, there are 97 loaded ships and 15 incoming ships registered for JCC inspection around Istanbul. There are 89 others who have applied to join the Initiative.

In addition, the Ukrainian, Turkish and UN delegations have agreed on a movement plan for tomorrow October 31 for the humanitarian maritime corridor of 16 ships, 12 outgoing and 4 incoming. The United Nations delegation, in its capacity as the secretariat of the CTG, informed the delegation of the Russian Federation of the movements in accordance with the procedures established by the CTG. In accordance with JCC procedures, all participants coordinate with their respective military and other competent authorities to ensure the safe passage of commercial vessels under the Black Sea Grain Initiative.

There was no ship movement in the corridor today, 30 October. There are currently 21 vessels engaged in the Initiative that are in or near Ukraine’s three ports with a capacity of over 700,000 metric tons, including IKARIA ANGEL, a vessel chartered by the World Food Program carrying 30,000 metric tons of wheat for emergency response. in the Horn of Africa.

Today the Joint Inspection Teams concluded 11 inspections on board outbound vessels SAKAR (IMO 9104811), BLUE SHARK (IMO 9003770), IRMGARD (IMO 9590967), ARGONAUT (IMO 9717694), LUCKY (IMO 9037305) , YAF S (IMO 9437787), LADY ELA (IMO 9511442), SANITA S (IMO 9237888), SUPER ARSENAL (IMO 9316933), ZHE HAI 505 (IMO 9567477) and NEW LEVANT (IMO 9111371). The JCC has requested additional documentation from another outbound vessel JAGUAR (IMO 7726990) to clear customs remotely. Another inspection on board a departing vessel was suspended due to lack of documentation.

Today, 30 October, six ships carrying 186,426 metric tons of grain and other foodstuffs started their outbound journey but have not yet entered the Humanitarian Sea Corridor:

  1. DESPINA V (IMO 9727986) from Yuzhny/Pivdennyi to Rotterdam, The Netherlands, carrying 71,135 metric tons of maize.
  2. NIKOLAOS A (IMO 9493949) Chornomorsk to Liverpool, UK, carrying 46,141 tonnes of rapeseed.
  3. AFRICAN ROBIN (IMO 9317767) from Odessa to Algeria, carrying 30,500 tons of wheat.
  4. IKARIA ANGEL (IMO 9194397) from Chornomorsk to Djibouti, carrying 30,000 metric tons of wheat.
  5. SK FRIENDSHIP (IMO 8909446) from Chornomorsk to Egypt, carrying 6,600 tons of soybeans.
  6. SEALOCK (IMO 8218380) from Chornomorsk to Mersin, Türkiye, carrying 2,050 metric tons of peas.

Yesterday, October 29, five outgoing vessels safely transited through the Humanitarian Sea Corridor as part of the Black Sea Grain Initiative carrying 97,400 metric tons:

  1. SUPER BAYERN (IMO 9278911) from Chornomorsk to Italy carrying 33,000 metric tonnes of maize.
  2. RUBYMAR (IMO 9138898) from Yuzhny/Pivdennyi to Iskenderun, Türkiye carrying 29,600 metric tons of maize.
  3. RISING EAGLE (IMO 9073672) from Odessa to Egypt, carrying 25,000 metric tons of wheat.
  4. CAPTAIN ADAM 1 (IMO 8914087) from Chornomorsk in Italy carrying 6,600 metric tons of soybeans.
  5. MONTARA (IMO 9234202) from Odessa to Türkiye carrying 3,200 metric tons of maize.

In addition, four incoming vessels safely transited the corridor yesterday and reached their respective ports: CHRISTINA B (IMO 9304162), ELEFSIS (IMO 9118678), RATTANA NAREE (IMO 9245055) and RIO (IMO 9039975).

To date, the total tonnage of grain and foodstuffs transported from Ukrainian ports under the Initiative is 9,521,645 tons.

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