Information overload adds to daily stress for 88% of Indians: report

According to a report, an overwhelming majority (88%) of Indians believe that information overload – driven by a constant 24/7 flow of information, ubiquitous social media or too many apps to check every day – continues to contribute to their daily stress.

The report prepared by Canadian information management solutions company OpenText is based on a survey of 27,000 global consumers, in India, UK, US, Germany, Spain, Italy, in France, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Brazil and Japan.

It reveals how the effects of information overload are affecting Indians and how this has changed during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Nearly two in five respondents (39%) said they need to use at least 11 accounts, resources, tools and apps per day. This compares to just one in five (21%) who said this was the case two years ago, proving that the information people need to access resides in a growing number of data repositories. and apps.

In fact, due to the siled nature of where information is located within organisations, three in five (58%) Indian employees said they normally spend, on average, an hour or more a day researching corporate networks or shared systems for specific work files. or pieces of information just to do their job.

“For businesses and their employees, the proposition of trying to manage the volume and complexity of information – structured and unstructured data that is ubiquitous and growing exponentially – can be daunting. What we have achieved is that information by itself is not the answer,” said Sandy Ono, executive vice president and chief marketing officer at OpenText.

Information scattered across multiple sites is another reason workers struggle, with nearly half (46%) saying it hinders their ability to find the information they need to do their jobs.

In addition, 38% say it has a detrimental effect on their job performance, more than a third (36%) believe it has a negative impact on their overall job satisfaction and 43% say it has a direct impact on their work. life balance.

Additionally, hybrid workers in India feel they face a wide range of other challenges, with two in five (38%) saying they cannot collaborate or share files with colleagues as easily when work from home, with 41% saying they cannot access the business. file systems and content just as easily when working remotely, while 28% find it difficult to transport between office and home the technology and tools they need daily to do their jobs. (Agencies)

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