Man finds Oxy suspect in his mailbox: South Euclid Police Blotter


Drug Trafficking: Stonehaven Road

A resident reported on September 6 that he found a plastic bag of pills in his mailbox.

He said they weren’t for him and he thought they were Oxycodone.

They were turned over to the police and entered into evidence.

Fraud: Qulliams Road

A resident said Sept. 8 that she had received multiple credit inquiries from Kia of Bedford on her credit file, but had no contact with the company.

A report has been filed so that she can challenge the investigations.

Custody dispute: Verona Road

A man reported on September 7 that his 17-year-old daughter was being kept with her mother against her will.

Officers responded to the home and confirmed the girl was with her mother of her own choosing. They advised the man to contact the Family Court if he wanted to pursue the matter.

Domestic violence: Argonne road

A woman reported on September 5 that the father of her child threatened her with a knife.

Responding officers spoke to the man, who denied pulling a knife.

The woman did not want to pursue the case and left the house for the night to avoid further trouble.

Fireworks: Belvoir Boulevard South

Officers responded to multiple reports of gunshots on September 5 and located a house party where fireworks were being set off.

A 39-year-old man, attending the party, was later cited for setting off fireworks.

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