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Generating innovative ideas that improve lives

Help us ensure our pharmaceuticals reach more patients, so we can deliver what matters most to our patients, better and faster.

Are you interested in a career where you can help the world get ahead of disease?

Our Pharmaceuticals business teams are constantly seeking to better understand our patients and find new ways to make our life-changing products available to more people, no matter where they live or what they can afford to pay.

We are looking for commercially savvy graduates who are ready to experience a series of rotations in multiple business areas, including sales, marketing and business excellence. By working with different business teams, you will develop a range of essential business skills, while gaining an in-depth understanding of the pharmaceutical industry.

Develop your career

Embark on a truly immersive three-year rotation program that will allow you to gain broad and fascinating insight into our pharmaceutical business. Each of your three rotations will be spent with a different sales team within your local business, so you will quickly develop a wide range of skills and experience.

In the sales rotation, you are likely working in a customer-facing role. This will give you invaluable first-hand experience of working in the field, interacting closely with healthcare professionals and clinics to share important information about our products with them and to provide excellent customer service.

You are also likely to work in a branding or client marketing rotation. You will review brand business plans or help set up globally aligned marketing campaigns for different client groups. You will also need to gather information on customer and patient preferences and understand what factors influence overall sales.

Your third rotation will help you further develop your understanding of our business. This rotation can be in a range of different areas, including project management, data analytics or business excellence.

Tailor-made training – and excellent career progression

We’ll set you up for success in your chosen niche, with tailored training and development tailored to your talents and ambitions, as well as our business needs. It all starts with a permanent role in the pharmacy, which can be in sales, business excellence or even multi-channel marketing. There is no limit to how far you can travel or how high you can reach with us.

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