NBCU puts iSpot at the top when evaluating metering companies

NBCUniversal, which conducted public research into new approaches to audience measurement, released a 116-page report on Wednesday showing iSpot.TV as the leader in the areas it considers most important.

In the report, NBCU released its data on eight companies that responded to NBCU’s RFP to provide cross-platform advertising currency. Besides iSpot, the companies participating in the process are 605, Comscore, Nielsen, Oracle, Samba, TVSqauared and VideoAmp.

At this point in the process, NBCU said it has evaluated the competing companies in terms of completeness of solutions, ability to deliver and cross-platform readiness.

“The evaluation itself is the opinion of NBCU based on the work we have done throughout our RFP process, including going through over 120 submissions, hosting formal presentations and performing data assessments, including our own testing and learnings that we did during the last Summer Olympics. across more than a dozen advertiser campaigns,” the report states.

During the summer games, NBCU shared data with measurement companies and assessed how well their methodologies produced accurate audience estimates.

NBCU called iSpot, VideoAmp, Nielsen and Comscore “head currencies”. iSpot was ranked first in terms of ability to deliver and completeness of the solution. In terms of cross-platform currency readiness, NBCU ranked iSpot in the “approaching proficiency” category. VideoAmp, Nielsen, Comscore and Oracle were “developing proficiency” and 605, TVSquared and Samba TV were described as “developing skills”.

NBCUniversal Measurement Report

(Image credit: NBCUniversal)

Last month, NBCU selected iSpot as the first company to use to quantify cross-media video consumption in ad sales transactions. iSpot’s process will be tested by NBCU and media buyer Publicis Media’s clients during the first quarter on all of NBCU’s programming, including the Super Bowl and the Olympics.

The NBCU said it is sharing the data it has collected through its RFP process and internal assessments to help the industry move toward what it calls “independence of the measure”.

Other companies are also evaluating measurement companies and some, including ViacomCBS and WarnerMedia, are working with iSpot, VideoAmp, Comscore and others to test potential currencies for use in national ad deals by the initial market.

But industry watchers note that NBCU’s process was the most rigorous and thorough.

The process comes at a time when Nielsen, which has long dominated the market, is under pressure to update its methodology and technology to cope with the new cross-platform video environment.

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Nielsen also suffered a series of embarrassing incidents. It was discovered that Nielsen had underestimated viewership in national and local markets during the recession and had lost its accreditation with the Media Rating Council. More recently, Nielsen revealed that due to a computer error, it had not included all out-of-home viewing in its rankings.

NBC, which invited Nielsen to be part of its review process, made the measurement a priority.

“The only measure of our industry’s future success will be our success in adopting new measurement criteria at scale, which accurately, efficiently and respectfully tracks the speed of today’s (and tomorrow’s) consumers. ),” former Nielsen exec Kelly said. Abcarian, now leads NBCU as executive vice president, measurement and impact.

“This future requires building a strong market for effective, innovative and unbiased measurement solutions,” she said in the report’s introduction. “For each category, you’ll find an overview of the criteria used to evaluate these solutions and how they compare to each other, as well as a high-level summary of each company and its capabilities. We hope that you will begin to evaluate these potential partners and criteria yourself, according to the dimensions that matter most to you and to the industry as a whole. ■

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