Over 2,500 COVID-related deaths have occurred in Duval County

Duval County has recorded the fourth highest number of COVID-19 deaths among counties in Florida, overtaking even more populous counties of Orange and Hillsborough.

These numbers come from federal reports that give county-level information on deaths in Florida, even as the state Department of Health stopped providing that data by county three months ago.

Data from the Centers for Disease Control shows 2,554 people have died in Duval County while infected with the virus out of a total of 20,122 deaths since January 2000.

One in eight deaths in Duval County during this period is that of a person infected with the COVID-19 virus.

The information compiled at the federal level is not directly comparable to the figures the state previously provided on a daily basis. State data has broken down deaths among Floridians by their county of residence.

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Duval County Florida Department of Health officials told a city council committee in a briefing Tuesday that the death toll among Duval County residents was 2,237.

The federal Center for Disease Control reports deaths that occur in a county, regardless of the hometown of the deceased. The report, titled “Provisional Number of Deaths for Coronavirus Disease,” uses death certificates sent to the National Center for Health Statistics.

Duval County is a regional medical center that attracts patients to its hospitals from both inside and outside the county.

“As you can imagine, our healthcare providers are just exhausted and we appreciate your support in so many ways,” said Russ Armistead, CEO of UF Health Jacksonville, on a community conference call this week.

Among other counties in Florida, Miami-Dade County has recorded 6,860 deaths involving COVID-19, Broward County has recorded 3,769 deaths, and Palm Beach County has recorded 3,479 deaths.

After Duval County with 2,554 deaths involving COVID-19, Hillsborough County had 2,288 deaths, Orange County had 2,037 deaths and Pinellas County had 1,984.

For counties in the greater Jacksonville area, Clay County recorded 574 deaths within its boundaries, St. Johns County recorded 167 deaths, Nassau County recorded 72 deaths, and Baker County recorded 12 deaths. .

The federal government report, which is updated weekly, does not break down deaths by age group like the Florida Department of Health did in its daily reports.

The CDC report shows the impact of the virus by race. It shows that 27.5% of the deaths were among blacks in Duval County.

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