Parents do not declare a September check


The third set of child tax credit checks are now available, with most appearing in bank accounts on September 15 or 16.

But a surprising number of people said they didn’t get their money this time around.

Michael Gibson said government checks have been a godsend over the past two months.

The monthly deposits gave him and his wife an additional $ 500 a month to help feed their two children, in addition to her full-time job in Fairfax, Ohio.

“We got the child tax credit in July and August on time,” he said.

But this month, he said, “come on September 15, nothing. We looked at our joint account and found nothing.

More than a week later, nothing has changed.

Thousands of families could be affected

A growing number of people post on Reddit and social media that they went to the ATM, checked their banking app, and even visited the IRS website,

But they said there was no payment for September, not even a pending payment.

“I now have to withdraw what I had budgeted to pay other bills that are necessary to survive,” Gibson said.

So what is going on?

Based on reports accumulating across the country, it appears that at least the thousands of families who received their July and August checks did not receive the September child credit.

IRS just issued statement say it’s “is currently reviewing the situation and will share more information as soon as possible.”

At this point, the agency is not offering any reason why the third round may be missing for some people, unless you have changed your direct deposit information in the past 30 days.

If you get on the phone, Gibson said, they only tell you to wait.

“They told me it could happen in 5 days, it could be an overpayment next month, or you might have to wait until next year to do your taxes and get some. a refund, ”he said.

The good news is that you will get the money owed to you at the end, but in some cases you may have to wait until April 15 and claim it on your federal taxes.

As always, don’t waste your money.


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