Salmon lesson

Josh Mills is giving me a lesson in salmon. Here is the funny thing. Did you know that salmon and rainbow trout migrate backwards. They therefore face upstream during their migration, the juveniles on their way to the sea. They swim backwards. They work their way through the system. So a trip that previously took more than a week now takes a month and a half or more, depending on the water temperature. And then they’re just ripped off one by one by these enhanced predator situations. I just think these are the hardiest species. We did everything to try to screw them up and give them a shit chance. And then you look and you go, they’re still there. They are still fighting against it. I mean, the water temperatures in the 70s right now and they’re still pushing upstream. This desire to replace oneself is endless. What if we got out of their stinking path! You also look at the economic impact of fishing and things like that. There is a place at the end of the road where the Grand Ronde jumps into the Serpent. This is called the hellebore, a very famous place for salmon and rainbow trout, very big for rainbow trout fishing. And you want to know what the economics of sport fishing could be like in a good year. You are having a good year. This large, massive corner lot is laden with hundreds and thousands of dollars in boats and trailers, RVs, and everything that comes with good fishing. And you talk about economic impact. It’s incredible. If only we could start all over again.

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