ScoreNavigator Announces New Product “Build Credit” with Addition of eCredable Lift®

The product will allow consumers to report an unlimited number of utility accounts to TransUnion.

GRAY, GEORGIA, USA, February 25, 2022 / — ScoreNavigator is pleased to announce that it has entered into an exciting partnership with eCredable Elevator® – a move that adds a new “construction credit” product to its already popular platform. is an online leader credit report provider with the aim of improving the quality of life of its customers by maximizing their solvency and solvency. The company’s mission is to ensure that credit reports accurately reflect financial responsibility and to educate the consumer about the impact of finance and credit on a wide range of decision makers today, be it lenders, employers, insurers or other sectors. ScoreNavigator seeks to provide financial freedom to its customers by providing the tools to understand and manage their finances and credit.

In the latest company news, is pleased to announce a new “Building Credit” product adding eCredable Lift® to its platform. Currently, more than 50 million adults have invisible or thin credit records that can impact the ability to achieve their financial goals. To solve this problem, eCredable Lift® allows consumers to report an unlimited number of utility accounts to TransUnion, such as electricity, water, gas, some mobile phone trash, Internet, cable TV, satellite TV, and telephone fixed. According to the company, admitting this information is very valuable to consumers and, because eCredable Lift® allows up to 24 months of payment history, consumer scores can be established or increased in just days.

“Being directly involved in the credit industry for over 40 years and finally finding a company like eCredable Lift® has been a blessing,” said Rusty Bresse, CEO of ScoreNavigator, “Now we can offer our members a quick and easy way to redeem their good payment history, which will also save them money and provide a financing at lower interest rates.

“Optimizing your credit score is never more important than when you’re applying for a large loan, like a car loan or a home loan,” said Steve Ely, CEO of eCredable. “Finding all available opportunities to improve your credit score can save you thousands of dollars in interest. ScoreNavigator® is the only product we’ve seen that can help every consumer understand how to navigate this complex process. guarantees consumers comprehensive and useful benefits from its platform, including:

• Easy 24/7 access to credit reports and scores
• Point deduction technology
• Assistance and recovery in the event of identity theft
• Comprehensive advice on credit, laws, education and testing
• Alerts and notifications
• Target score, manual and money simulators
• And much more

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About ScoreNavigator

As one of the most sought after online credit report providers, ScoreNavigator’s goal is to improve the quality of life of its customers by not only improving, but also maximizing their creditworthiness and creditworthiness. Ultimately, this goal helps the public build trust, while protecting its members from the complexities of financial well-being and credit.

The Georgia-headquartered company was founded in 2007 and boasts an A+ rating as a Better Business Bureau Accredited Company.

About eCredable

eCredable focuses on financial inclusion for the 50 million adults and 15 million small businesses that are “credit invisible” in the United States.® 8 and VantageScore® 3.0. For small businesses, we allow them to report these types of accounts and many other business accounts to business credit bureaus, resulting in a stronger business financial profile. The company was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia.

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