Skyword Adds Idea Centers to Its Content Marketing Platform to Expand Brands’ Access to Creative Expertise

BOSTON, October 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Skyword, the leader in content creation software and services, today announced the idea centers beta launch, which offer marketers the opportunity to find new content ideas from creators in Skyword’s global talent network. By having access to more ideas from elite creators and subject matter experts who know what content resonates with their target audience, brand marketers can optimize the ideation process, improve quality and originality of their content and reduce content redundancy.

“We view our community of creators as a source of strength and flexibility. Expanding their ability to present to clients and vertical markets means greater diversity of content ideas for clients, more opportunities for creators and stronger engagement with the article creator,” says Darryl GehlyCSO of Skyword.

While Skyword360’s Idea Management feature has long supported creators’ content submissions once they’re onboarded into a brand’s content creation channel, Idea Centers are expanding that access to creators on Skyword’s entire global network.

In Skyword360’s new Creator Community hub, marketers can activate an idea hub and post information about what they’re looking for in idea submissions. For example, the topics, content types and audiences they target. Marketers can choose to allow any creator in the Skyword community to submit content ideas to their idea center or specify that they are looking for creators with certain credentials or experience.

Creators in the Skyword Creator community can then come up with ideas tailored to marketers’ stated needs, improving their customer visibility and ability to get new work.

“The most informed and authentic insights come from subject matter experts and journalists who spend every day immersed in specific topics, making their insights a core value for brands,” says Casey Nobile, responsible for the content of Skyword. “At the same time, we aim to boost business opportunities for creators by directing them to clients who are actively seeking new content ideas. This allows them to spend less time prospecting and more time doing what they they do best: create.”

With the addition of Skyword Idea Centers, marketers can:

  • Have a structured way to come up with original and targeted content ideas on an ongoing basis;
  • Tap directly into the audience-centric perspectives of experts who spend every day immersed in the topics they cover;
  • Bring more efficiency and creativity to their content ideation and planning process;
  • Quickly collect ideas for a specific campaign or one-time event;
  • Easily grow and diversify their pool of creators.

About Skyword

Founded in 2010, Skyword’s vision is to make it easy for marketers to create high-quality content. Skyword’s content creation technology, creator network and managed services help brands communicate more effectively with their customers throughout their digital experience.

A private company headquartered in Boston, MA, Skyword and its global network of freelancers put thousands of skilled subject matter experts and creative professionals at the fingertips of marketers. Skyword customers have created and published over one million original stories, articles, videos, images, infographics, podcasts and animations that support the growth of the company.

Recently named a Gartner Leader twice® Magic Quadrant™ for Content Marketing Platforms and three times Gartner® Peer Insights Customer Choice for Content Marketing Platforms, Skyword is committed to maintaining lasting partnerships with its customers.

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