The mobile bus provides financial knowledge

CINCINNATI — Having a low credit score can be a challenge when looking to buy things like a house or a car. But with a mobile bus service, families in need can help build credit and gain better financial literacy.

What do you want to know

  • Fifth Third Bank’s eBus recently traveled to Avondale, a neighborhood in Cincinnati
  • The eBus is a mobile bus equipped with desktop computer stations for use by residents of historically underserved neighborhoods
  • Residents meet with a professional banker who will review their credit score and credit report and then make suggestions
  • The eBus has helped nearly half a million people since 2004

For months now, Angela Ramsey has been looking forward to buying her first home. She stopped at the Fifth Third EBus for some tips and advice.

“It will be mine,” Ramsey said. “I don’t need to move. I don’t need to be late for rent and someone fires me. I will be my own owner.

Once on the bus, Ramsey met a personal banker from Fifth Third Bank. They checked his credit rating and reviewed his credit file. Through this process, she learned that she needed to improve her credit before buying a house.

“I already know my credit cards are a little high, so he wanted to remind me to keep them below 30%,” she said. “So I’m going to bring them down to 30%, and I’ll be ready to flip for my mortgage.”

The eBus is made possible through a collaboration between Fifth Third Bank, Greater Southwest Ohio Urban League and Avondale Development Corporation.

Community Economic Development Fifth Third Senior Vice President of Marketing Royce Sutton said the service is important in communities like Avondale, where the percentage of homebuyers is 23%, nearly half the rate. of Cincinnati shoppers.

“The opportunity for us to bring information to really connect with families to talk about these things that will create legacies, create opportunities for wealth growth, but more importantly, for people to start that journey “Sutton said.

In addition to the eBus, residents like Ramsey have explored other stands with Jobs and Family Services and the Women’s Business Enterprise Council Ohio River Valley. Overall, Ramsey said the experience helped her get back on track financially.

“It’s been very beneficial for me, I believe,” Ramsey said. “That’s exactly how I feel because things I didn’t know give me this opportunity to know.”

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