The Points Guy launches his Travel Rewards app


Travel rewards enthusiasts now have the ultimate travel hack tool: The Points Guy app. The app, recently launched by sister site Bankrate The guy at the points (TPG), aims to provide a one-stop-shop where users can track all of their airline, hotel and credit card loyalty points in one place. Plus, you’ll get tips and advice on how to use your credit card rewards strategically to achieve your travel goals.

If you’ve always wanted to get the most out of your credit card rewards when it comes to booking travel, this app might be just what you need. If you want more tips on maximizing your travel rewards with the TPG app, here’s what you need to know.

What is The Points Guy app and how does it work?

The Points Guy has long been a go-to source for people looking to make the most of their credit card rewards for all types of travel accommodation, from airline tickets and hotels to car rentals and hotels. upgrades for all of this. The functionality of the app is divided into three main categories: earn, burn and learn.

To win

First of all, you can sync all your credit cards and loyalty rewards programs in one place. Your earnings summary will show you how much you spent in a given month, what points you earned, and where you missed opportunities to earn more points. There is a signup bonus tracker that helps you meet your spending goals to get the welcome bonus for all new cards as well.

If you want to sync your personal information to the app, just know that it supports Face ID sign-in as an added layer of security. The TPG development team also assured us that none of your bank or credit card credentials are stored in the app.

To burn

From there, you’ll start receiving information, tips, and recommendations from the app on what expenses are needed to meet your travel goals. You will also get real-time advice on which cards to use.

If you are planning a certain travel route, you can track the progress of reward points towards that goal with easy-to-read graphics located in the app.

When you use the app to search for reward routes in the “Rewards Explorer” section, you will get an estimate of how many reward points you would need for one or more fare classes. If you are happy with the award fare, the app will guide you through the steps to book the route you are interested in.

To learn

You will still have access to the content you enjoyed from TPG, but now you can customize your homepage with the content categories that interest you most: points and miles, offers, credit cards, hotels, airlines, family. travel, luxury travel, beginners, guides and more. You can always stay up to date with the latest travel news in a way that matches your travel interests and goals.

Smartphone screenshot showing the page

Why use the TPG application?

You should use this app if you need a centralized location to track your reward points and loyalty programs. If you are a frequent flyer who relies heavily on premium fares and discounts, you will greatly benefit from the tracking, reporting and recommendation features provided by the app.

The framework behind the TPG app is closely aligned with the website creators’ reward strategy: using rewards for upgraded rates and options for luxury accommodations. You’ll also get insight into maximizing rewards, whether through the matrix of travel partners that offer more value for accommodation, taking advantage of things like hopper flights (short flights from small towns to large cities). hubs) or finding great deals on international flights with business and first class fares.

In other words, the app is designed to help you find transfer partners, great routes and fares or travel strategies that are not as obvious as if you were booking yourself, which may increase your rewards.

If you are not yet an intermediate or advanced traveler used to using your rewards this way, downloading the app can help you figure out how to move from travel hacking for beginners to more advanced levels.

What else you need to know about the Points Guy app

As impressive as the app is, there are a few features that you might find missing or not as useful as they could be. For example, the “Award Explorer” feature does not include the ability to include your travel dates. We all know that the price of trips largely depends on when you travel and how far you book.

If you tend to pool points with other members of your household, the “multi-player” mode is not yet available, so you can only follow one account per bank or loyalty program. In addition, the app is only available on iOS at the moment.

The TPG team informed us that it is planned to fix all these issues in successive updates to the app. Moreover, they ask users to report any issues encountered while using the app so that they can fix them.

The development team also hopes that Android users will have access to the app by the first quarter of 2022. Additionally, there are many other cool features on the app’s roadmap that will add more. of value as users provide feedback. We’ll keep this guide up to date with the latest app offerings as updates are released.

You can download the app from the iOS App Store here.


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