Woman used stolen license to steal concessions

The suspect who allegedly stole vehicles from multiple Warren dealerships is described as a burly black woman between the ages of 25 and 35, Warren Police Lt. David Kriss said.

Photo courtesy of the Warren Police Department


WARREN — A woman who allegedly stole cars from several Detroit metro dealerships recently punched a dealership in Warren.

According to Warren Police Lt. David Kriss, the woman – who was using a stolen driver’s license – allegedly stole vehicles from M-53 Auto Sales in September and Grimaldi Auto Sales in November. On February 11, the department received reports of a vehicle being stolen from Kal’s Auto Sales.

Although there were three reports to Warren, Kriss believes other jurisdictions may have reports of the same woman stealing vehicles.

In all three cases, the suspect presented a Michigan driver’s license before being allowed to take a test drive. The license was reported stolen on July 6, 2021, and the same victim name keeps coming up when vehicles are stolen, Kriss said.

Christine Istefan, finance manager at Kal’s Auto Sales, said the woman arrived in a silver old Chevrolet Impala. The suspect told the dealer that she was interested in their vehicles and wanted to see one.

But before she was allowed to take a test drive, the suspect was told she would have to run her credit file. Most of the information was on the driver’s license, but when asked for her social security number, the suspect refused to give it, Istefan said.

The suspect was allowed to test drive a black 2018 Chevrolet Impala LT, despite being told she couldn’t go further than two miles. Once she had the keys, she waved the first car off before following her into the dealership’s vehicle.

“She was very convincing, she acted like she really needed a car,” Istefan said.

The dealership asks anyone who might buy a 2018 Impala to contact them to verify the vehicle identification number.

The woman is described as black, stout and between the ages of 25 and 35, Kriss said.

The theft is currently under investigation.

Anyone with information about the robberies or the suspect involved can contact Warren Detectives at (586) 574-4810.

Contact Brian Wells at (248) 291-7637 or [email protected]


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